We Don't Promise You A Rose Garden

by Hired.Life



Synthematik is proud to present the new release, We Don’t Promise You A Rose Garden, of the Russian electro-industrial band, Hired.Life, marking their return after three years of silence since the release of the debut album, End Of Line.
Hired.Life was started in 2008 by Serge Vorobyov, who is also known for his previous projects, Denergized and Ex.Delicto, and Andrey Klaus. In some way a reincarnation of these two projects that left its mark on the Russian industrial scene, Hired.Life can be described as a mix of electro-industrial sound structures and a somber darkwave atmosphere that is further reinforced by the lyrics full of cyberpunk melancholy.
We Don’t Promise You A Rose Garden features both previously unreleased tracks and collaborations with fellow musicians like Electric Resistance, Reactors (R) & Fon Krauz, Code:Isae and Salusa Secundus. This release serves as a link between the debut album released in 2011 and the forthcoming full-length album which is now in the final stage of production.


released February 18, 2014

catalogue #: SNTK-DIG-36

Serge Vorobyov – vocals
Andrey Klaus – keys

Music by Hired.Life, except for
Track 1 with Alice Smykova
Tracks 2 ,5, 8 with Pavel Grudnev
Lyrics by Serge Vorobyov, except for
Track 07 by Alexandr Dmytriev (Electric Resistance)
Artwork by K.Polyakov & Andrey Klaus






Synthematik Leipzig, Germany

Synthematik is aimed at promoting and distributing music from talented, but lesser known synth / goth / electro artists.

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Track Name: Homing Signal (X-Edition)
i feel the homing signal
i see the aim
i hunt for satisfaction
i feel no shame
i've lost my hope in battle
for useless pride
for bloody cash in my hands
for love that died...
let's start the game together
don't get away
i am the nameless hunter
you are my prey
i'll melt your tired sensors
in blinding light
of hostile constellations
in dirty fight...

my past is overwtitten
with tales and lies
my soul belongs forever
to burning skies
the stars gave me forgiveness
they gave me chance
to raise again from hell
come on, let's dance...
i feel the homing signal
i smell your fear
i hunt for retribution
your end is near
i wait for countdown
i feel your breath
i am the nameless hunter
i am you death...
Track Name: Pilot
last medicine will
obtund my cry
i'm pilot in
dead metal sky
i'll disappear
in falling tide
my corpse won't be
reverb in ears
of grating wreck
my farewell is
echoing back
hear my call-sign
in random noise
i am the one
of your left toys...

be my dissonance today
in the end of sullen game
turn inside out stupid fear
i will smile when you're near
just refuel petrol tank
and we'll leave this damned wreck
i am your pilot for tonight -
fallen hero for one night

we hug the ground...

last endorphin
for flesh and soul
last high-speed mile
last crimson fall
with fall of leaves
i'll disappear
with dust and ash
in atmosphere
last sticky web
of last mistakes
and mental scrap
is burnt in flames
last drops of blood
for final words
i've cursed my god
on bathroom walls...

be my dissonance today
in the end of sullen game
turn inside out stupid fear
i will smile when you're near
just refuel petrol tank
and we'll leave this damned wreck
i am your pilot for tonight -
fallen hero for one night

we hug the ground...
Track Name: Farewell (Salusa Secundus Remix)
it's time to say farewell
beyond amnesic tides
it's time to ground arms
it's time to dot the "i"
evoke the last response
and write my name in sand
you can't rewind this tape
forgive me and forget...

tonight i'll burn the maps
with landscapes of our past
and you won't hear this song
in radio broadcast
it's time to say farewell
beneath these shining stars
it's time to part from all
that i had in my arms...

i've left my love behind
i will forget your smile
it's time to say farewell
you know - it's for a while
it's time for last embrace
it's time to leave the game
it's time to part from all
that i will never gain...

it's time to say farewell...
Track Name: Respite
between today and tonight
on cutting edge of a knife
it's just a little respite
for our hired life
when our dreams may come true
just for the moment of love
when our tired crew
is catching stars from above...

it's just a pause in the game
without winners and scalps
without valor and shame
without bullets and guns
it's just a little respite
when i can tear your mask
just for a fairy night
without questions to ask...

it's just a little respite
before i don't know your name
before the blinding light
will show us rules of the game
you'll get away and escape
before i sink in the crowd
without nothing to take
from our lost and our found...

it's just a little respite...
Track Name: Electric Resistance - Nightcity Fairy-Tales (Hired.Life Cover)
расскажи мне о городах
утопающих в памяти призрачных грёз
сказки о спрятанных в них инвертивных мирах...

расскажи мне о небесах
их хранители сбиты свинцовым дождём
ради обмана размолоты осенью в прах...

в пламенных песнях ночных городов
слова бесполезных побед
затихают врезаясь в водоворот

за бесконечность разбитых надежд
время с распоротых вен
заливает закат до облаков
кровью несбывшихся сцен...

расскажи мне о том кто остался один
для игры один на один
для которого вечность сравнялась с дождём
незавершённых картин...

вспышки агоний неоновых фей
бережно скроют от глаз
падшие звёзды прохожих людей
строки беспочвенных фраз...

где-то в пустом позабытом окне
тает во тьме силуэт
ночь расскажи мне о тишине
я, ожидая, тебя выключаю свет...
Track Name: A.S.A.P.
as soon as possible betray my faith
please make me stronger and please make me brave
please make me desperate and stand-alone
upgrade with modern hate my flesh and bone
as soon as possible betray my love
please make me evil 'cause i'm not enough
please let me kill your sad and boring friends
my girl, it's just blood on my shaking hands...

as soon as possible forget my name
i'm not the one, you know it's all the same
we make the same mistakes and go to hell
we raise again and fall, it's just as well
as soon as possible forget my voice
unlisted number gives you no more choice
please make me desperate, please make me brave
as soon as possible betray my faith...
Track Name: Hire Me (Demo Version)
hire me
for last night in sweaty bed
hire me
when our heroes are already dead
hire me
blood is diluted in champagne
hire me
my girl i know how to ignore pain...

hire me
i feel your passion in the dark
hire me
believe in my infernal luck
hire me
let's dance last tango in the rain
hire me
i want your body, i want you again...

hire me
for last night in cheap hotel
hire me
at autumn dusk we'll say farewell
hire me
i can't forget your lusty eyes
hire me
call me again, i still believe in lies...
Track Name: Contract (Demo Version)
another mission, another sunrise
another color of tired eyes
another name in your id card
another contract and you have to start
to start again to breathe and to live
no absolution you have to retrieve
let the stars cry instead of your pain
reload your weapon and join the game...

another points of no return
another senses you have to learn
there is no hope, there's no regret
and she is the one you have to forget
you changed the number of your phone
another ringtone calls you home
another star in neon rain
another access you have to gain...

another drift in time and space
another sentimental chase
another flashback in cafe
where you were happy yesterday
another mission, another call-sign
another bullet in required time
you stand alone and wide awake
another contract you have to break...